Mixed Thickness Feeder and Printer

Postmark's revolutionary Mixed Thickness Feeder (MTF) is one of a kind. Years of development on our letter openers have made us experts on mixed mail feeding. Postmark's revolutionary mixed thickness separator allows for easy no adjustment feeding of empty or inserted envelopes, mixed mail, cardstock, small cartons, bags, tags, and much more. Both the MTF1 and MTF2 come standard with variable speed, batch counting, resettable counter, on delay and on demand feeding, rate counter, lifetime counter, and other great features controlled by the industrial touchscreen located on the machine. 

In addition to being able to feed mixed thickness substrates on the MTF, postmark has also developed a unique printing platform specializing in mixed thickness. The Mixed Thickness Printer (MTP) provides an auto adjusting printer platform that allows for no hassle printing of envelopes, small cartons, bags, tags, paper, mixed mail, tags, booklets, cardboard, and much more. The MTP can be configured with Xijet printheads as well as our CMYK printer making it versatile for different applications.  

Fixed Thickness Feeder and Printer

Postmark is proud to announce a new addition to our product line coming soon.

The Postmark FTF (Fixed Thickness Feeder) is a friction feeder equipped with an integrated 650mm vacuum conveyor. The feeder is designed to feed and print all types of materials such as labels, folded boxes, cardboard, plastic cards, paper bags, paper sheets, envelopes, coasters, tags, cartons, coffee sleeves, and much more.

The FTF can be equipped with a Postmark CMYK system for full color printing or equipped with a Xijet print system for high speed spot color marking, addressing, or coding. 

More information and videos on this product will be coming soon.