Xijet thermal Drop-On-Demand print Heads

When it comes to versatility, look no farther than Industrial print heads from Xijet. Postmark is Xijet's worldwide master distributor for the mailing industry and has developed turnkey solutions that make integration easy. 

Xijet single pass industrial print heads can print at speeds up to 365m/min (1200ft/min) and can print resolutions as high as 600x600dpi. 

The Xijet head was designed around being versatile. Whether the application calls for addressing, coding, marking, numbering, read and print, print and verify, or custom integration, Postmark will be able to provide the right solution, the right cost, and the right lead time.

HP Technology
1 - 4 CARTRIDGES (0,5" - 2.0")

Shown 0.5" (Bottom) and 2.0" (Top)

Funai Technology
1 - 4 CARTRIDGES (0,5" - 4.0")

Shown 0.5" (Bottom) and 2.0" (Top)