Frequently Asked Questions for CMYK Printing

What is the difference between PM 836 and PM 417?  
The PM-836 has a maximum print width of 8.36” (2 sets of printheads heads stitched together)
The PM-417 has a maximum print width of 4.17” (1 set of printheads)

What is the Maximum print area? 
PM-836: 8.36in x 30in (212mm x 762mm)
PM-417: 4.17in x 15in (106mm x 381)

What is the minimum print area? 
The minimum page size a printhead will accept is 1in x 1/8” (25mm x 6mm).

What is the resistance of the ink to sunlight, rain and weather?
There are two types of ink:
Dye has slightly more intense colors but is not resistant to light or water.
Pigment ink is resistant to sun and water. 

Can UV ink be used?
Both the Dye and Pigment inks are water based and do not dry with UV. Water based inks require the surface being printed on to be porous or coated with an inkjet receptive coating. If a Sharpie or wet pen does not dry instantly on the surface, our ink will most likely not work on that substrate.

What is the throw distance of the printhead?
For best quality printing a flat substrate is preferred. The print engines we use have a very good throw distance and can throw the ink up to 4mm before quality start tapering off. This is good for napkin printing or the substrates that are not perfectly flat. Note that the farther the printhead is away from the poor registration between CMYK will be.

Can the printer print on glass, metal, or plastic? 
NO, the water based ink cannot print on any surface that is not porous or inkjet treated as explained above.

How much ink is used per print?
Each print is different - the only way to determine how much ink is used per impression (or how long a cartridge will last) is to use our cost calculator:

Where does Postmark Equipment Ship from? 
Equipment, parts and supplies are sold and delivered from USA or Denmark.

Where is Postmark Equipment Manufactured?
San Luis Obispo, CA

What is the basic unit and what are the attachments that are sold separately?
The system is composed of several modules and options. For a complete system you will need the following:

Print Engine: PM-417 or PM-836
Encoder: Sold seperate from print system
Transport Device: CV1242, CV1860, Vacuum base, Conveyor
Feeding Device: Hand Feeding, MPF12, MPF18, Feeder
Software: Information here
Ink: Pigment or Dye

Are there any specific instructions for electrical installation?
The PM-417 and PM-836 accept 88-264VAC.

What is the warranty equipment and supplies? 
One year - except for all consumable items , which includes print heads and ink,  as their wear depends on the manner of use and countless variables that are out of control to the manufacturer. 

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