The Xitron Cost Calculator can be used to calculate ink and head costs for pdf's. It can be accessed with a login at or by clicking the below button

For instructions on using the cost calculator, visit the following website:


Parameters to be used for the cost calculator


Below is an example of how the paramaters should be set for the cost calculator using the PM-417 or PM-836 



Price Per Liter should be the Cost (MSRP) of ink in Liters. This will need to be converted depending on your cost of ink and the size of the ink cartridge or bulk vessel you are using.  For example, if you are purchasing a 240 mL cartridge, you can convert the cost per liter by multiplying the cost of each cartridge by 4.16. 

Droplet Size should always be 8 pico liters for the Canon printhead.


Printhead price and life (in liters) is important as the printheads are consumables and do need to be replaced after a certain interval. As per the work interval specified by Canon, each printhead (4 per unit) should be able to process on average 10L of ink before needing to be replaced. The above example is using 40L of ink as the life of 4 printheads, which cost 4000 to replace.  You could also do 10L of ink as the life of 1 printhead, which cost 1000 to replace. 

Note the above are example prices - contact your dealer for your actual cost. See notes

How we determined 10L life of each Printhead:

Note that the below is a calculation based on a specification. Actual printhead life will vary.

Postmark calculated the 10L of ink per printhead by using Canon's following specification:

Work Interval: 1,000,000 Sheets
Printed Product: 4x3 Size - 7.5% Duty. 

A document 4" x 3" document was made that utilized 7.5% Duty of each color. We then ran this document through the ink cost calculator at 1200x1200 to determine the amount of ink used for each impression. At 7.5% duty, each color used roughly 10,000,000 pico liters of ink with a total ink usage around 0.04ml. 

0.04ml = 0.00004L

0.00004L x 1,000,000 impressions  = 40 L of ink for 4 Print Heads. 

40L รท  4 Printheads = 10L of ink for 1 Print Head