PM-417 Purge Unit Replacement


Supplement from Service Manual (PDF)



1. Open the maintenance utility, select Key Operator Mode (default) and press okay

opening maintence.jpg


2. Select USB as Connecting port (default) and press okay


3. Navigate to the Parts Replacement Tab at the top of the maintenance Utility

parts replacement tab.jpg
Parts replacement screen.jpg

4. Mark the Purge Unit check box and press Start



5. A Parts Replacement Utility will appear. Press Next to restart the printer into a maintenance mode




6. The Parts Replacing Utility will prompt you to turn off the power to the system. 

Turn off the main power (above where the power cord plugs in next to the ink tanks) and press next in the utility

power switch.jpg

7. The utility will now show some diagrams on removing the printhead and blade cleaner, but there are a few things that need to be done before the parts can be accessed . First, raise the printhead by turning the height adjustment knob clockwise so it is its maximum position.

knob turning.jpg

If the knob gets too hard to turn do not over tighten as it may strip out the gear assembly.  The printhead should be roughly 1/2 - 3/4" off the transport surface (12-19mm) as shown below:

8. Loosen the printhead slide knob and move the printhead to its outer position away from the ink tank box. Note if you feel something snagging during this stop pulling as the ink lines or wiring assembly may be caught. 

ph move.jpg

Once it has been moved, tighten the adjustment knob to lock the printhead in place

9. Remove the back channel cover by firmly pulling up

back channel cover.jpg
removing cover.jpg

10. While not necessary, it sometimes help to remove the the two forward brackets for more room to work with using a T-10 Torx driver. 


11. At this point it recommended to use included gloves. Move wire assembly and ink lines off to the sides so that there is a clear channel for the purge unit to be removed. 

wire assembly.jpg

12. Follow the onscreen instructions to remove protective cover from internal module by pulling out from the top tab

protective cover.jpg



13. Locate the gray tab on the installed purge unit and pull it back. It should hinge towards the left as shown below:


14. Slide Purge unit out the back of the printer - be sure to keep the purge unit level as there may be residual ink left in the purge unit. 


15. Make note of the Wipe position value on the side of the new purge unit


16. Install the new purge unit into the printer. Push back the purge unit lightly (it has springs installed in the back and secure the grey clip to lock it in place. Ensure it is locked in place by trying to pull on it. 


17. Reinstall Plastic Cover on Print Module


18. There is a label on the print module which shows values for Wipe_P, Print_P, and Cap_P. Make note of the value for Cap_P


18. Reinstall Back cover on to printer

back channel cover.jpg

19. Press Next on the Parts Replacing Utility. 


20. When prompted, turn on the main power. 




21.Enter the Purge Unit Wipe Position which was taken from the side of the replacement purge unit. Once the value has been entered, click next. 


22. Press Next to restart the printer


23. Parts replacment has been complete. Press complete to close the parts replacement utility. 


Verification of Printhead Cap Position

The Printhead Cap position value is a value that ensures that the printhead is making a proper seal on the purge unit. The printhead cap position can be verified in the administrator mode of the maintenance utility. This value is displayed on the print module as shown below:


Note, the Head Print Position should never be copied from the module sticker - this value is set specific to the outer hardware of the printer. 

Open the maintenance utility as an administrator using the password "printmodule"

Once open, navigate to the Test Print / Adjustment tab and click the button "Print Module setup"


A Print Module Setup window will appear. Click the button Read from printer to show stored values.


Verify that the Head Cap Position matches the value printed on the print module.

f a change is made to the head print position, press the button send and save to printer.