Generating a Log File


Log files are very helpful in identifying patterns that could be causing problems with a system. There are two different types of log files that should be generated. 

1. History File
2. Report to Manufacturer File


1. With the printer powered on and connected to the computer, open the maintenance utility, select Key Operator Mode (default) and press okay

opening maintence.jpg


2. Select USB as Connecting port (default) and press okay


3. Navigate to Information Tab


4.Press the button "Save the History in a File


5. A Windows "Save As" Dialog will appear prompting you where to save the history file formatted as a *.csv file. Save this file in a known location that you can access later such as the Desktop or My Documents. 


6. Navigate to the Troubleshooting Tab in the Maintence Utility


7. Click the Button "Create a File" which will open another windows "Save As" dialog. Choose the same location that the history file saved in step 5 was saved.  

8. After you have choosen the Save location, press the "Save" button to generate the to log files (*.bin and *.txt)


9. You should now have 3 different files which can be sent off for review. It is recommended to Zip the files together which can be done in windows by selecting the three files, right clicking and going to the menu "send to", and choosing compressed folder.